Guard against Patent Infringement


Many companies succeed because they have developed products or processes that are superior to those of their competition. By obtaining a patent, the company is able to exclude its competitors from making the product, or using the improved process, for a given length of time. They also have protectable rights in the event of patent infringement.

In the United States, a patent must be applied for within one year from the date on which an invention was publicly disclosed or offered for sale. However, many countries require a patent application to be filed before there has been any disclosure of the invention. Thus, it is important to promptly pursue filing of a patent application if protection is desired.

In March of 2013, the United States transitioned from a “first to invent” to a “first inventor to file” system. Thus it is more important than ever to promptly file patent applications.

The patent attorneys at Durham Jones & Pinegar have experience in patenting a wide variety of technologies: audiology equipment, automotive products, baby products, biotechnology, building materials, chemical compounds, computer software, craft supplies, engines, environmental clean-up systems, electronics, games, guns, medical products, medical procedures, packaging and packaging equipment, painting supplies, pumps, scientific instruments, security equipment, sensors, speakers, sporting equipment, targets, toys, and ultrasonic arrays. Let us help protect your industry’s IP and prevent patent infringement!

Types and Terms of Patents

The three main types of patents are utility patents, design patents, and plant patents. Learn about the difference between these patents and the term duration of each type of patent.

The Patent Application Process

Once you’ve ensured that no one else has already patented your idea, you can prepare your patent application. Learn how to prepare your application, and the ins and outs of having it approved.

Common Patent Pitfalls

Learn about common mistakes and legal pitfalls people encounter when filing for a patent. Stay ahead of your competitors by avoiding these common mistakes.

At the behest of the Utah State Bar in 2015, Randall B. Bateman conducted the New Lawyer Patent Law Seminar for new attorneys and interested individuals. This material is now available online. For a crash course in patents, this is the place to start.