Durham Jones & Pinegar IP Practice Areas


Patents typically fall into three categories: utility patents, design patents, and plants patents. Find out which type of patent you need, and how long each lasts.


A trademark is any name, letter, number, design, phrase, symbol, or combination of those elements that distinguishes one party as the source of certain goods. Learn how to register your trademark to protect your company’s good name.


Copyrights apply to practically any form of expression: photography, architectural designs, logos, songs, etc. As soon as the work is created, the copyright attaches to it. Find out how to safeguard the copyrights on your intellectual property.

Domain Names

Cyber squatters high-jack website traffic or try to extort money by using your company’s good name in their domain name. See how Durham Jones & Pinegar seeks to return website domains to their rightful companies.

Trade Secrets

Durham Jones & Pinegar knows how critical it is for trade secrets to remain internal to your company. Whether you’re guarding a food recipe, customer lists, or internal software, DJP can help you protect it.

Technology Transfer

Let Durham Jones & Pinegar help you transfer the use of your intellectual property! This way, others may use your IP, but in a way that your company still makes a profit.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a company’s adherence to laws, regulations, specifications, and guidelines that pertain to its business. Durham Jones & Pinegar can help you avoid federal fines by making sure your company complies.


Durham Jones & Pinegar has represented clients in courts from coast to coast! Our past cases have involved patent infringement, trademark protection, copyrights, and trade secret matters. See how we can represent you.